Lovers Lane in the Presidio of San Francisco

Historic Lovers Lane in the Presidio, a great walk profiled in the guidebook.

Finding the Real City highlights some of the memorable neighborhoods of San Francisco:

North Beach
Long serving as a playground for sailors and swashbucklers, North Beach today is a spectacular place to find historic San Francisco. Bars, restaurants and cultural activities await…

The Waterfront
From the Presidio to Mission Bay, this guide celebrates the Waterfront, a thin slice that curves southward along the Bay, offering unique glimpses of the city’s maritime history and its modern downtown.

The Presidio
Handed over to San Francisco by the U.S. Army in 1994, this national park includes forests, beaches, museums, and historic architecture. The Presidio showcases lovely natural areas similar to what early explorers would have seen when they arrived here in the 1700s.

Valencia Street
On the edge of the Mission district, this is a great street to find restaurants, bars and one-of-a-kind shopping experiences. Nearby Mission Dolores provides a window into the city’s fascinating Native American, Spanish and Mexican history.

The Avenues
The sprawling Richmond and Sunset districts feature some of the city’s most unique restaurants and plenty of recreation opportunities. With Golden Gate Park as a focal point, this area of the city gets in-depth coverage in the guide.

Find out more about each of these neighborhoods in the book.